Brennan Parks


To start, my name is brennan parks...

and I was a 400m hurdler under Coach Rob Wheeler's Training Program. Coach Rob took me from an average hurdler and molded me into one of the Top 3 Hurdlers in the State of Alabama. In my  time being trained under Coach Rob, I dropped 3 seconds, which helped bring national attention to me from college coaches in recruitment. I signed a Track & Field Scholarship with UAH where I excelled and ran NCAA Provisional Times but later transferred to The University of Alabama Track & Field Team to finish my collegiate athletic career. I achieved great athletic success at The University of Alabama and I can attribute a lot of it to Coach Rob. Coach Rob has witnessed me at my highest & lowest points on the track, but never gave up on me. A lesson I will always remember that I learned from Coach Rob is to 'compete like hell'. I can personally attest to how passionate Rob is about his athletes and the sport of Track & Field.

Since graduating and concluding my track career from The University of Alabama, I work full-time at a North Alabama Corporation. Even to this day in my career, I still find myself using the skills I learned from Coach Rob. Even through the 'insane' track workouts, limitless hurdle drills, and 6 am practices; I could never thank Coach Rob enough for not only developing me into a nationally ranked track athlete, but a better person as well.

 -Brennan Parks