Devonte Fletcher


Where do i begin...

My name is Devonte Fletcher and I've been a member of coach Rob's program going on about 4 years now. I ran only one season in high school as a mediocre 400m runner and ended up getting a scholarship to UAH where I spent one year as a student athlete. The summer after my freshmen season I wanted more for myself and started to develop a passion for track and field, and that's when some of my high school teammates introduced me to Coach Rob and my life changed for the better! I went from a 50 second 400m runner to 48 seconds in one summer; I ran 23 seconds in the 200m in college and a year later I was running 21 seconds consistently. His drive and motor for wanting the best for each and every individual who considers themselves apart of the H.A.M family is what keeps me going on and off the track no matter what I go through in life! I honestly owe so much to this man, he took me from rock bottom and molded me into a young man. I can't count the number of nights we stayed up past midnight talking race strategies and him telling me to trust the process and big things will come. Now everything is falling into place and people are starting to take notice. No matter where my success on the track leads me, I will always remember how I got there! We're off to bigger and better things as the time passes, we just have to keep the focus on going faster.